Taiwan-based notebook manufactures are working with touch-screen panel manufactures to introduce lines of touch-screen notebooks in the 2H of 2009. This date coincides with the launch of Windows 7 and its touch-screen support.


The two main models of touch-screen operations come through capacitive and resistive designs which physically measure changes in the surface of the screen at given locations with great accuracy. Optical touch-solutions are also expected to be adopted. These shine light in a grid array directly above the screen’s surface. Touches are registered by reporting breaks in light paths at various locations.

Two companies, Winstron and Quanta Computers, are reportedly launching infrared-based touch-solutions, while Asus and Acer are reportedly adopting capacitive and resistive touch screens.

The notebook manufacturers are looking to introduce this technology in time for the Windows launch, which is expected 2H’2009, and possibly as early as the end of July — though more likely August or after.

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