Somebody somewhere at Samsung has gazed upon the Galaxy Mega, touched it, and then said “this isn’t big enough, do better.”

There are people out there who don’t care if their smartphone is too big to hold with one hand. These people don’t care that the screen is bigger than their face, and that the microphone and speaker jack aren’t supposed to be the measurement from the tip of your ear to the edge of your chin. These people are Samsung Galaxy Mega fans.

They love phones with huge screens because they serve as constantly connected entertainment devices, and Samsung’s multi-window apps are now good enough that you can basically use it like you would a traditional windowed OS. The next generation of Galaxy Mega phones are on their way, and it looks like Samsung is going for a 7-inch display with this year’s offering.

What most people would call an iPad Mini, Samsung is going to start calling a smartphone. TENAA, a Chinese electronics certification website, has revealed Samsung’s submission for the next Galaxy Mega. The SM-T2558 looks like a quad core smartphone with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of onboard storage, which when combined with a 8MP rear shooter and a 2MP FFC makes it clear that this is not a phone looking to compete with the Galaxy S5 or Note 3.


This phone is all about the screen, and while it’s not clear that the US will ever see this behemoth it’s going to be nice for those of us out there who want their smartphone to double as a television set.

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