Just days ago, Apple took to the stage to show off new iPhones and iPads — all running iOS 9. With the new OS set to roll out to the public in just a few more days, someone’s already come up with a jailbreak for it — an untethered jailbreak, no less.

Often, early jailbreak solutions for Apple’s new iOS releases are tethered. For the uninitiated, a tethered jailbreak requires an iPhone or iPad to be plugged into a Mac or PC when it’s booted. Boot without tethering it, and it won’t enter a jailbroken state. An untethered jailbreak doesn’t have that limitation. Once a device has undergone an untethered jailbreak, it’s always jailbroken — even after a reboot. That’s what iOS hacker iH8snow has shown off on video:


The jailbreak also reportedly works on the iOS 9.1 beta, too. Curiously, though, iH8snow has stated that he has no plans to release his jailbreak to the public. He does refer to it as “dirty and hacky,” but also notes that doesn’t mean it isn’t a proper jailbreak. Based on what’s shown in the video, it seems clear that it gets the job done.

While the decision not to release this jailbreak may cause some frustration, it could be short-lived. If iH8snow already managed to jailbreak iOS 9, it’s very likely that someone else will, too. Should you decide to go looking for one, make sure that you stick to solutions offered up by trusted members of the jailbreak scene.

A quarter of a million iOS users in China recently learned that lesson the hard way. They wound up with a bit of malware called KeyRaider on their devices after utilizing a dodgy jailbreak and grabbing some equally dodgy apps. KeyRaider then proceeded to quietly steal their Apple account credentials.


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