In another move to freshen up their mobile computing portfolio, Apple announced a new member of the iPad Pro family. During their Spring event yesterday, Tim Cook and co. unwrapped the latest iPad Pro, a 9.7 inch computing monster to compliment the original 12.9 inch iPad Pro. They didn’t just scale the size down however, as Apple made a few small tweaks to actually improve upon the original.

Ipad pro

For starters, Apple added an additional anti-reflective coating that they claim gives it the lowest reflectivity of any tablet available. There’s also an increase in pixels per inch or PPI, over the iPad Air 2, which will also make this screen the brightest on the market as well. The new Night Watch feature (Reduces blue light emission during night hours) that was announced for iOS 9.3 should definitely come in handy with the increase in brightness.

There’s also support for the Apple Pencil and a dock made for the Apple keyboard, which was also scaled down for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. The camera system was essentially ported from the iPhone 6S and straight into the iPad Pro, as it too will have a 12MP iSight camera, 5MP Facetime HD camera and support for 4K video recording, Live Photos, and Super Slo Mo at 240fps. Apple also stuffed the A9X processor and the four-speaker system into the new iPad Pro, all while keeping it weighing less than a pound.

The new iPad Pro will be available in four different colors – Space Grey, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. There’ll be three different storage options: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB, and will cost $599, $749, and $899 respectively, for the Wifi Only models. LTE models will set you back about another $150. It will be available for preorder starting March 24th, and will go on sale as of March 31st.