Keeping Kids Occupied and Learning: Wallet-Friendly Tech Ideas for the Current School Holidays

With school holidays now in full swing, many parents are looking for ways to keep their children engaged, entertained, and learning. For those working from home, finding productive and safe activities for kids becomes even more important. Thankfully, a wealth of online resources and tech solutions are available, offering fun and educational activities that won’t break the bank. Here are some excellent websites and wallet-friendly tech ideas to keep your kids occupied at home during these holidays.

Why Tech Can Be a Great Option

In today’s world, technology plays a significant role in our daily lives. During school holidays, parents might find themselves juggling work and childcare, making it challenging to keep kids entertained. This is where technology can be a helpful tool. It’s not always a bad thing for kids to be on tech; in fact, it can be both fun and educational. With the right resources, kids can learn new skills, explore their creativity, and stay mentally active

Educational Websites for Kids

  1. National Geographic Kids
    Explore the wonders of the world with National Geographic Kids. This site offers a variety of educational games, videos, and articles on animals, science, history, and geography. It’s a great way for kids to learn while having fun. Visit National Geographic Kids
  2. ABC Education
    ABC Education provides a range of interactive resources, games, and videos covering different subjects. It’s an excellent resource for kids to continue learning during the holidays. Visit ABC Education
  3. CoolMath4Kids
    Make math fun with CoolMath4Kids. This site offers engaging math games that cater to children of all ages, turning a typically challenging subject into an enjoyable experience. Visit CoolMath4Kids
    Introduce your kids to the world of coding with The platform offers coding lessons and activities designed to teach programming in a fun and interactive way. Visit
  5. Khan Academy Kids
    Khan Academy Kids provides interactive lessons and activities across various subjects, making it an excellent resource for comprehensive learning. Visit Khan Academy Kids
  6. PBS Kids
    PBS Kids features educational games, videos, and activities based on popular PBS shows, making learning both entertaining and effective. Visit PBS Kids
  7. BBC Bitesize
    BBC Bitesize offers educational games, videos, and activities for a wide range of subjects, providing a balanced mix of learning and fun. Visit BBC Bitesize
  8. Scratch
    Encourage creativity and coding skills with Scratch, a platform where kids can create their own games and animations using simple coding blocks. Visit Scratch
  9. Starfall
    Starfall is ideal for younger children, offering interactive reading and math activities that are both educational and enjoyable. Visit Starfall
  10. BrainPOP
    BrainPOP features animated educational videos and activities on a variety of subjects, making complex topics accessible and engaging for kids. Visit BrainPOP

Wallet-Friendly Tech Ideas

In addition to online resources, consider these wallet-friendly tech ideas to keep your kids engaged at home:

  1. DIY Science Kits Create your own science experiments at home with everyday household items. Websites like Science Buddies offer plenty of ideas for budget-friendly DIY science projects that are both fun and educational.
  2. Virtual Museum Tours Many museums around the world offer free virtual tours. Explore the Louvre, the British Museum, or the National Museum of Australia from the comfort of your home. These tours are a fantastic way to introduce kids to art, history, and culture.
  3. E-Book Libraries Utilise free e-book libraries such as Project Gutenberg or your local library’s digital collection. Encourage your kids to dive into new adventures with a wide range of children’s literature available at no cost.
  4. YouTube Learning Channels YouTube hosts a variety of educational channels tailored for kids. Channels like Crash Course Kids, SciShow Kids, and Art for Kids Hub offer quality content that can make learning fun and interactive.
  5. Educational Apps Download free educational apps on your tablets or smartphones. Apps like Duolingo (for languages), Tynker (for coding), and Khan Academy (for various subjects) provide interactive and engaging learning experiences.


Keeping your kids occupied and learning during the current school holidays doesn’t have to be expensive. With these educational websites and wallet-friendly tech ideas, you can ensure that your children stay engaged, entertained, and continue learning. At Mobile Computer Geeks, we’re here to help with all your tech needs, providing expert advice and support for families. Enjoy the holidays with these fantastic resources, and keep your kids’ minds active and curious!

For more tips and tech solutions, visit our Mobile Computer Geeks blog. We’re dedicated to helping you make the most of technology in everyday life.

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