Data Recovery Service

If you’ve suffered a hard drive failure and need to retrieve the information stored on a broken drive, we can help. Mobile Computer Geeks are expert in recovering your valuable data such as your photos, music, documents, programs and personal files.

Mobile Computer Geeks understands how important it is to retrieve your data from a dead computer or dead hard drive when you have 1000′s of photos stored on the computer from years or when you have important documents that you need to get back at all costs. Our Computer Geeks repair your dead hard drive and copy it to either an external hard drive or your nominated computer.

If your computer has stopped working or is showing a warning message about your hard drive, it could be that your hard drive is either dead or is about to die. Contact Mobile Computer Geeks now at (07) 3063 7616 to book a computer technician before it’s too late to retrieve your valuable data.

Our Computer Geeks have more than 10 years of experience in retrieving data from dead computers/hard drives and keeping their clients data safe from all viruses. We also ensure that your personal data is not shared with any third party and after retrieving the data for you, we hand over the computer/hard drive back to you for disposal.

To discuss your IT needs and book a Computer Geek, Call Mobile Computer Geeks now on (07) 3063 7616